People tend to think cookbooks are a thing of the past. We have the internet, why do we need books? But we believe they are wrong.

Cookbooks are still a popular way to get recipes by drowning out all the noise that is available online. The key is focus. We like cookbooks that center around a niche topic and don’t just try to give us every recipe on earth to try.

This is where we loved our avocado cookbooks. They are simple, to the point, and contain various ways to eat our favorite fruit; the avocado.

Here are some of our favorite picks that we highly recommend you try

Avocado Highway

Simple, yet descriptive. This cookbook is our go to when we are looking to get creative with our avocado toast. A dish that only needs a few ingredients, we found this really upped our breakfast game and discovered combinations we would have never thought of.

An Avocado A Day

What we liked about this cookbook is it really provided an all around use for avocados. Many people don’t know what to do aside from using avocados as a topping but there is so much more to it. This book provides 70 simple and delicious tasty recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert, including Avocado Green Curry Noodles, Tequila, Citrus and Ginger Stuffed Avocados, Avocado Waffles, and Avocado Key Lime Pie.

The Avocado Cookbook

This book really flexes the versatility of the avocado. Their recipes focus on taking this humble green fruits velvety texture and creamy nutty flavors to every dish, turning any meal into something really special. Coming with easy to follow step by step recipes, this book is great for cooks of all skill levels.

The Ulitmate Avocado Cookbook

This book covers the broadest range of using an avocado and includes many classic dishes. Showing off how you can transform this simple fruit into a variety of unique art crafts is what we appreciated the most. If you are looking for that staple book to your collection this certainly fits the bill.

Avocado Cookbook

This book focuses on how you can get more avocados into your daily routine. Avocados have so many natural health benefits that we should consume them regularly (although in modest portion sizes). This book really shows how you can incorporate simple and healthy dishes into your diet.