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  • Delicious Reasons To Love Avocados

    Why We Should All Love Avocados One of the main reasons we love avocados is the fact that it's a versatile fruit (yep, they're a fruit for those who don't know)! They can be used in soup, dip, salad, drinks and, heck, even ice cream. Avocados are certainly magical. Honestly, we can't help but get [...] Continue Reading
  • The Best of Avocado Art On Instagram!

    Avocado Art On Instagram The Avocado art Obsession on Instagram goes on and we love every single #avoart creation. It’s time to re-live the madness! Avoart is from Australia-based carving artist Danielle Barresi, he is at the forefront of the trend, transforming an avocado’s soft flesh into an elegant seal surrounding the pit. Now 26, he’s been […]

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