The avocado is known to be much more than just a delicious food. We use avocados for all kinds of products, some that you may not have even thought of before!

At Avocado Mix we are dedicated to getting all the benefits our of the fruit in our lives. This is why we wanted to share all the delicious and interesting products we found made from avocados.

To add many of the avocado products come with some of the same nutritional benefits we know the fruit packs.

Here are the best avocado products you all should be using

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a delicious and versatile product that can be used in all sorts of cooking. It has a very high smoking point making it ideal for high heat cooking and baking. You can also use this oil to make dressing and sauces as it tastes great. Also each bottle comes packed with no less than 15 avocados each! Avocado oil also contains the same healthy fats found in olive oil. We’ve switched to using Avocado oil for all our cooking and suggest you get on it right away.

Avocado Mayo

Avocado mayo is a thing, and yes, its delicious. Unlike regular mayo, which consists mostly of GMO soybean oil and contains added sugar and “natural flavors,” this mayo is made primarily with avocado oil, organic eggs, vinegar, and salt. That’s is all. Avocado oil is also filled with what are considered healthy fats to meet your lifestyle.

Avocado Spread

GoAvo is the new way to spread deliciousness on almost anything! Replacing the need for butter or oil, GoAvo contains 85% avocado and is a healthy alternative to many spreads. GoAvo is a plant based alternative to creamy spreads and will surely surprise at just how good it tastes.

Avocado Honey

Avocado honey comes from the avocado blossoms nectar. It is a dark amber color and feels smooth and silky on your tongue. It als has a very bold flavor profile with a smoky, molasses taste. It is also a great replacement for maple syrup and healthier for you too!

Avocado Tea

Enjoy the delicious tasty of bubble tea right in your home! This bag of Avocado bubble tea mix is an easy way to make refreshing bubble tea. Mix with water, either cold or hot, and just add boba to enhance the taste. You can also mix with ice cream to make a tasty dessert!